Rehabilitation Services
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At Devotion Health Care Inc, our at-home rehabilitation services are designed to increase mobility and independence, as well as enhance quality of life. Devotion Health Care, Inc is proud to provide the highest-quality physical therapy at home, occupational therapy at home, and dialysis treatments to those in underserved rural areas of Wyoming and South Dakota.

Our physical therapists are fully licensed and trained, with years of experience helping clients achieve their long-term goals to regain strength and mobility. Contact us today to learn more about rehabilitation or to set up your services!

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Our staff is proud to bond with our clients and guide them throughout rehabilitation with support and humor. We believe being able to do physical therapy using at home health services makes it even easier for us to accomplish this goal. Based in Casper, WY, we are happy to assist patients throughout Sheridan, and Gillette, WY, as well as Spear Fish, Rapid City, SD, and the surrounding area of Wyoming and South Dakota.

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The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy designed for people of all ages meant to develop, maintain, or regain the necessary skills to achieve activities of daily living. Each patient is different, needing a specialized plan that works best for them. A senior with Parkinson’s disease requires a different OT plan than someone who experienced a slip and fall in their home, for example. If you choose to receive occupational therapy, here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from it:

  • Overcoming challenges of your everyday life: Day to day activities for seniors who are recovering from an injury or illness can be challenging. Whether it is bathing or getting dressed, these seemingly simple tasks can be difficult and result in frustration or embarrassment. To help overcome these challenges, an OT therapist will help the patient learn how to perform different exercises and techniques that make these activities easier to complete.
  • Preventing falls: Each year, approximately 3 million seniors visit the emergency room because of fall injuries. Fall prevention is vital for the health and wellbeing of seniors. Occupation therapists can work with seniors to improve their balance, strength, and coordination to help prevent future falls from happening.
  • Being more independent: By being able to overcome everyday challenges and reduce the risk of a fall, seniors can become more independent and rely on others less. Occupational therapists will carefully evaluate the patients needs to curate a plan that best helps them get back to living an independent life. This can also improve the patient's mental health, boosting their confidence and overall happiness.

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Geriatric patients sometimes need the services of a physical therapist after a long hospital stay. If you or your loved one needs rehabilitation services following an illness or injury, you can count on our experienced and licensed therapists to cater to their specific health needs and goals. Devotion Health Care Inc is the first accredited home health care company in the State of Wyoming, and we’re proud to serve a wide variety of health care needs.